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Children's Educational Theater

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 Airport Playhouse

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Education with a Dramatic Flair!

Dear Educator,

Welcome to another season of Airport Playhouse’s Educational Theater. Are you looking for an exciting way to bring literature to life??  Would you like your students to experience “live” professional theater?  We are sure that you will find many stimulating and entertaining choices in our 2010/2011 schedule. Not only can you come to our comfortable 255-seat theater but also many of our productions can be brought into your school building.

As always, we provide study guides for pre and post show discussions. Your students may also have the opportunity to participate in an educational question and answer period with the performers. 

All of our productions are not only linked to the New York State Learning Standards but BOCES approved for funding

In addition to a low theater ticket price of $6.00 per ticket for most performances, we offer one free chaperone ticket with each 15 paid students. 

For traveling shows, please call for prices. Travel performances range from $500 - $750 per performance with same day discounts. We are happy to work with you if additional time is needed for payment due to purchase order processing. We can also customize the length of our performances to fit your schedule.

For reservations, information, or personalized requests, please contact our box office at (631) 589-7588. We look forward to hearing from you to book an Educational Theater experience that deserves a standing ovation. 

Information about all of our productions can also be found at


Terry Brennan

Executive Director 

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Frosty The Snowman

60 minutes * Grades Pre-K-4

Available December 1-23 * Theater or Travel to School

"Frosty the Snowman" is the classic children’s story that reinforces a child's love of the winter holidays and the wonder of the first snowfall. Includes an emphasis on the power of friendship and kindness.

Dr. Seuss Goes Green

50 minutes * Grades Pre-K-3 

Available Feb 22 – March 26 * Theater or Travel to School


 The Cat In The Hat, the Lorax, and Sam do their best to clean up McElligot’s pool. Along the way through song and rhyme, the audience participates in creating a safe, clean world. This musical performance involves children in an ecologically sound view of our world today and prepares them for a better tomorrow.


Rappin’ with Mother Goose

45 minutes * Grades K- 3

Available weekdays September – June * Theater or Travel to School

A musical performance by Mother Goose herself takes a fun, hip-hop approach to some wonderful rhymes.  Includes audience participation, reading books and sing-a-longs

It All Began With A Book – Perfect for PARP!

45 minutes * Grades 3-5

Available November - May * Theater or Travel to School

Emmy doesn’t like to read. She would much rather watch TV or go to the movies. Wandering through the library trying to find something for her reading assignment, Emmy encounters the delightful characters from books that found a home on the big and small screens. She meets everyone from Peter Pan to Harry Potter. Each one of the many characters convinces her that it all began with a book

Sammy Read With Me – Perfect for PARP!

45 minutes * Grades K-2

Available November - May * Theater or Travel to School

 While searching for a favorite read-aloud book, Sammy runs into all sorts of characters from familiar books. Everyone from Winnie the Pooh to Mr. and Mrs. Stupid try to help Sammy find the best PARP book of all. These delightful characters encourage the audience to sing and dance along on a surprising journey through the wonder of books


Aunt Susie's No Book Stories

45 minutes * Grades Pre-K - 2

Available October – May * Theater or Travel to School

Aunt Susie, the storyteller, tells tales and sings songs that will keep even your youngest student entranced. Performances change as the seasons change. Fall - Halloween/Thanksgiving, Winter - Winter holiday/ Valentine’s Day, and Spring - Ecological themes/ nature. Audience participation is the highlight of this show.

Aesop’s Fables

60 minutes * Grades K-4

Available weekdays September - June * Theater or Travel to School


An interesting and appealing live performance with 2 performers retelling a selection of Aesop's Fables using creative storytelling.  Student interaction is embraced and encouraged through discussion of each of the fable's morals, including "The Tortoise and the Hare" and "Lion and the Mouse.”


Abe Lincoln in the 21st Century

60 minutes * Grades 7-12

Available November - May * Theater or Travel to School

 Features 1 performer as Abe Lincoln in a light-hearted portrait of our most literary president – from Lincoln’s letters, speeches and poetry – which portrays a witty and wise statesman who speaks to us as if he lives today and understands our most press, confusing and amusing concerns.

Fahrenheit 451

75 minutes * Grades 7-12

Available Late September - May

Available Weekdays October – May * Theater or Travel to School

Paper burns at 451º and in the 24th Century, firemen destroy all books to protect the government's suppression of independent thought in order to maintain control. Stresses the importance of the freedom of speech. Performed with 3 actors.  Perfect for Banned Books Week. September 27–October 4, 2008.


Mark Twain Telling Tales

60 minutes * Grades 1-12

Available November - May * Theater or Travel to School


A live performance of Mark Twain’s classic stories told by one professional actor includes the famous white-washing scene in “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”. The performance is taken entirely from Twain’s essays and stories.


To Kill A Mockingbird

60 minutes * Grades 9-12

Available weekdays October – May * Theater or Travel to School

A Radio-Style drama surrounding the trial of a black man accused of a crime he did not commit as seen through the eyes and actions of his attorney and the attorney’s 9 year-old daughter. Learn about racial injustice, destruction of innocence, issues of class tensions, courage and compassion, and gender roles in America ’s Deep South . Performed by 2 actors.

Study guides available

*Call the box office at (631) 589-7588 for details and pricing for Travel to School performances.

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